MKJC Vaniyambadi



Empowerment - Excellence

Quality Policy

                     For us at MKJC
               Quality is the Mantra,The driving force

                      To develop our latent talents
                         Quality is a continuum
                   A way of life,a culture,an endless march
                       Ensuring utmost satisfaction
                  Especially to the teacher and the taught 
                                        Guided by a 



The followers of Jainism are known for their love towards all living beings, innovation, leadership and business acumen. Their service to mankind is unparalleled, realizing the importance of literacy the members of the Jain community now re-focusing on opening Educational Institutes all over India, rendering yeomen service.

Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Women, Vaniyambadi is a project of Sri Marudhar Kesari Jain Trust offering a world-class collegiate education. It’s focus is on rural enlistment through women education. It follow the lofty ideals and vision of the great Jain Saint Sri Marudhar Kesari, who was a profound saint and vigorous preacher.